Questions You May Have About Contact Lenses And The Answers To Those Questions

Posted on: 24 April 2017

If you are tossing around the idea of wearing contacts but you haven't been able to decide whether or not they are right for you yet, then the information in this article will help you to come to that decision. You will probably find many of the questions you have listed, as well as the answers to those questions.

How long will it take for me to get used to wearing contacts?

If you end up wearing the most common type of contact lenses, which is the silicone hydrogel, then you will be used to them as soon as you put them in with some cases or within a few days if you have extremely sensitive eyes. If you have a condition which causes you to need rigid gas permeable or hybrid lenses, then it can take weeks and you may only be able to wear them for a few hours a day before you feel like you have to take them out.

Can a contact get stuck in the back of my eyeball?

Most times the lenses will stay right where they are supposed to. However, sometimes one can move under your upper eyelid if you have ben rubbing on your eyes or putting other pressure on them. You can move your eye around, blink a lot, put solution in your eye and try to get it out yourself. If you feel you can't get it out yourself then the optometrist will easily be able to do so for you.

How difficult is it to care for contact lenses?

If you wear disposable lenses then you will simply throw them away after using them. With any other kind of lenses all you have to do to care for them is to rinse and wash them after each use and make sure you are storing them in clean solution.

Are there really a lot of different types of contacts?

There are many different types of contact lenses. Not only can you go with extended wear or disposable, but you can also go with special lenses. A few examples of special lenses include bifocal lenses, colored ones, theatrical ones, UV blocking contact lenses and there are special contact lenses that will work on correcting your vision while you are sleeping.


If you decide to go ahead with wearing contact lenses you'll find that your vision can be corrected while you feel like you aren't even wearing anything to do so. You'll still be able to show off your great looking eyes and wear sunglasses when you want. For more information about contact lenses, visit with a doctor such as Dr Joel Zuckerbraun PC.